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Hello Listeners!

You may have already seen that the great Welcome to Night Vale / Thrilling Adventure Hour crossover show will be released on October 1st. And yet, you still may not have gotten caught up on The Thrilling Adventure Hour.  You thought you’d have more time!  Well, time travel is no longer illegal, so just go ahead and zip back a month or two and begin getting caught up on TAH.

If your time travel machine is broken, and instead, you’d like a crash course into what you need to know before October 1st, read on!

So by now you might be wondering: What the heck is this Thrilling Adventure Hour thing?  Should I be listening to it as well as Welcome to Night Vale?  Are they similar at all?  Do I have room in my heart for two podcasts?  Will the Sheriff’s Secret Police show up in an unmarked van and haul me away?

The answers to these questions are:  We’re about to tell you.  Yes.  Sort of.  Probably.  Definitely. (But not for listening to TAH.  You know what you did.)

As huge fans of both podcasts, this post we’re making here is just going to be a basic introduction to Thrilling Adventure Hour, what you need to know for the crossover show, and what you need to know to become an Adventurekateer.  Oh, yes, TAH fans are called Adventurekateers.  Fun, right?  Anyway, we’re not going to go SUPER in depth into exactly what TAH is.  For that, we highly recommend you go check out whitachi’s awesome TAH introduction post here.  Really, as soon as you finish reading this post, go read that post, too. Or, go read it now.  Or after you get back from your sojourn to THE BROWNSTONE SPIRE.  

We’re going to put a Read More cut here because we care about your dash, but please click it.  What else are you going to read, a book?  Do you really think you’ll make it back from the Library?  Well, it’s your choice.

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Everyone should make a living wage. Everyone. Every last person should make enough money to properly feed, clothe, house and medicate themselves no matter what their job position is. And anyone who believes otherwise is an unbaked roll. 

minimum wage: the radical idea that people should be able to survive off of one full time job.


We need to destroy the notion that Remus only married Tonks to appease both her and the Order because that makes Remus out to be a doormat who can’t stand up for himself to his friends and colleagues.

Destroy the notion that Tonks manipulated Remus into a relationship because that argument relies on the tired misogynistic stereotype of women being manipulative shrews and goes completely against her characterization in the books.

Destroy the notion that Remus getting together with Tonks was due to her similarities to Sirius and not because he liked her as a person/romantic partner.

Destroy the notion that Remus would be willing to ask Tonks to turn herself into Sirius(or whoever the fuck else people ship Remus with) as if that wouldn’t have problematic implications of him using her abilities as a metamorphmagus for fantasy-fulfillment and him essentially using her and her feelings towards him as a means to an end. This makes Remus out to be an objectifying asshole who sees Tonks as an object to make his fantasies happen and not a person.

Destroy the notion that it wasn’t acceptable for Tonks to be depressed during HBP, because god-fucking-forbid that a strong woman show weakness over her loved one putting his life at risk, survivor’s guilt over her cousin dying, or a woman who’s trying to cope with the brutality of war as a newbie soldier on the front lines(not to mention the fact that mental illnesses, such as depression run in the Black family, which she’s part of). In Tonks’ case, she had to deal with all of the above.

Destroy it. Destroy it all


If they don’t get your 30 Rock references, that’s a dealbreaker, ladies!


Still quite a bit left to do, but it’s really coming together! I like the colors in this dress so much more then my red and white version. I think it looks a lot less juvenile and way more magical. 

It’s made from organza and chiffon with a tulle overlay and $60 of fake flowers.

I have information about how I’m making it here! And a video about it here



   #also totally just saw Kaylee as the Doctor and Simon as her assistant   (via extrajordinary)

I am behind this 100%

you have my attention


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gina + animal sweaters

The point of fics set in alternate universes are to show that no matter what setting or circumstance, these two people will always find each other. I will find you. Every me loves every you.
Me ranting to Tati (tsuritamagotchi) two nights ago (via deimosluna)

where do the lies end


where do the lies end


Hee Seo at the Mariinsky